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277-4130 Flashtube Socket Assy Item Number: 277-4130   View-pdf_yellow
277-2123 Flashtube for SS-123 Item number: 277-2123   View-pdf_yellow
277-4163cat Sync PCB Catenary Item Number: 277-4163CAT   View-pdf_yellow
77-4137_transformer Power Transformer Item Number: 77-4137   View-pdf_yellow
Fct-05187 FCT-05187 White Ferrites Open/Close Item number: FCT-05187  
277-4195 Module Red OB Light Control Item Number: 277-4195   View-pdf_yellow
277-3262 Timing & Trigger PCB Item Number: 277-3262   View-pdf_yellow
77-3939 Diode PCB Item Number: 77-3939   View-pdf_yellow
8605000 8605000 Replacement Flat Junction Housing Item number: 8605000   View-pdf_yellow
277-3355 SS-125 Wire Harness Item Number: 277-3355   View-pdf_yellow
277-3667 Resistor Assy Item Number: 277-3667   View-pdf_yellow
Fct-05196 Photo Control 240VAC FAA Item number: FCT-05196  
77-3257 Photo Cell Socket Item Number: 77-3257   View-pdf_yellow
277-3342 Diode Block Assy. Item Number: 277-3342   View-pdf_yellow
277-2536 Digital Monitor 1-8 Item Number: 277-2536   View-pdf_yellow
77-2927 Resistor Item Number: 77-2927   View-pdf_yellow
Ftl_stacked_logo FG3000 Cable and Harness Item Number: 277-3968  
Ps40 620W Beacon Lamp Item number: PS40   View-pdf_yellow
77-3258 Photocell, Twilight Item Number: 77-3258   View-pdf_yellow
33e00010-001 Timing & Trigger PCB Item Number: 33E00010-001   View-pdf_yellow
A21 116W Marker Bulb Item number: A21   View-pdf_yellow
277-3263 Monitor PCB Item Number: 277-3263   View-pdf_yellow
77-4163 Sync Monitor PCB Item Number: 77-4163   View-pdf_yellow
277-4208 Motherboard Item Number: 277-4208   View-pdf_yellow
277-4169 Timing & Trigger PCB Item Number: 277-4169   View-pdf_yellow
77-4137_transformer Power Transformer Item Number: 77-3970  
1500856002501 High Intensity Strobe Item number: 1500856002501   View-pdf_yellow
277-2223 Relay Plug Item Number: 277-2223   View-pdf_yellow
277-3937 High Voltage Rectifier Item Number: 277-3937   View-pdf_yellow
Fct-05937 12 VDC Photocell Item number: FCT-05937  
Fct-05937 Photocell, Night Item Number: 277-3259  
77-3593 SS-123 Cable Harness Item Number: 77-3593   View-pdf_yellow
277-3546 Resistor Pack Assy. Item Number: 277-3546   View-pdf_yellow
277-2537 Digital Monitor 9-16 Item Number: 277-2537   View-pdf_yellow
Fct-06158 Bullet 3 Antenna Item number: FCT-06158  
277-2608 PC Motherboard Item Number: 277-2608   View-pdf_yellow
277-4116 Sync Monitor PCB Item Number: 277-4116   View-pdf_yellow
Xlcb4s200 Med Base Socket Item number: XLCB4S200   View-pdf_yellow
277-4123 Trigger PCB Item Number: 277-4123   View-pdf_yellow
D50-4803d 4803D VAC Surge Protector Item number: D50-4803D   View-pdf_yellow
77-2013 Relay 120VAC Item Number: 77-2013  
77-4192 Trigger Relay Item Number: 77-4192   View-pdf_yellow
Fct-05938 24 VDC Photocell, FAA standards Item number: FCT-05938  
277-5014 Trigger Board Item Number: 277-5014   View-pdf_yellow
277-5053-001 SG-60 Motherboard Item Number: 277-5053-001   View-pdf_yellow
77-3990 Switch Interlock Assy Item Number: 77-3990   View-pdf_yellow
1500856004100 AOL Interface Kit Harness Item number: 1500856004100   View-pdf_yellow
77-2797 100uf Capacitor Item Number: 77-2797   View-pdf_yellow
277-3967 Mother Board Item Number: 277-3967  
277-2605 Timing Trigger PCB Item Number: 277-2605   View-pdf_yellow
77-3669 Trigger Transformer SS-129 Item Number: 77-3669   View-pdf_yellow
277-2961 Trigger Transformer Item Number: 277-2961   View-pdf_yellow
277-2538 Digital Monitor 17-24 Item Number: 277-2538   View-pdf_yellow
Fct-08001 Revolution Interface PCB Rev H Item number: FCT-08001  
Fct-05132 240VAC Photocell Twistlock Item number: FCT-05132  
Fmm FLUKE 117 Multimeter  
Ftl_stacked_logo High Voltage PCB Item Number: 277-4131  
Xlfc5s300 620 Watt Mogul Pre-Focus Lamp Socket Item number: XLFC5S300   View-pdf_yellow
77-4209 Flashtube Item Number: 77-4209   View-pdf_yellow
10e00371-0001 Rotary Switch Item Number: 10E00371-0001   View-pdf_yellow
Dtk-600-3cm 600V Surge Arrestor Item number: DTK-600-3CM   View-pdf_yellow
277-3264 SS-125 Motherboard Item Number: 277-3264   View-pdf_yellow
77-1193 Photocell Item Number: 77-1193   View-pdf_yellow
277-5016 Mother Board Item Number: 277-5016   View-pdf_yellow
77-4040 Trigger Transformer Item Number: 77-4040   View-pdf_yellow
1500856004400 AOL/Red Interface Item number: 1500856004400   View-pdf_yellow
277-3909 Flashtube Clip Assy. Item Number: 277-3909   View-pdf_yellow
277-3261 HV PCB Item Number: 277-3261   View-pdf_yellow
77-3678 Cable Harness 128/130 Item Number: 77-3678   View-pdf_yellow
277-3295s Flashtube Item Number: 277-3295S   View-pdf_yellow
277-2961lp_transformer__trigger_low_voltage__eg_g_-1 Trigger Transformer - Low Voltage Item Number: 277-2961LP   View-pdf_yellow
Fct-05190 Photocell 48VDC Beacon System Item number: FCT-05190  
Fluke FLUKE High Voltage Probe  
277-4151 Modified Relay FG2004 Item Number: 277-4151   View-pdf_yellow
77-5002 Power Transformer Item Number: 77-5002   View-pdf_yellow
77-2929 Resistor Item Number: 77-2929   View-pdf_yellow
Dtk2mhlp24bwb Surge Protector Item number: DTK-2MHLP24-BWB   View-pdf_yellow
77-2878 Relay Item Number: 77-2878   View-pdf_yellow
77-3295s Flashlamp Assembly Item number: 77-3295S   View-pdf_yellow
277-3975_fault_monitor_board__fg-2000_-2-600x400 Fault Monitor PCB FG-2000 Item Number: 277-3975   View-pdf_yellow
77-4123 Trigger Control PCB Item Number: 77-4123   View-pdf_yellow
Fct-01201 FCT-01201 Switch Interlock Item number: FCT-01201  
277-3041 Relay Item Number: 277-3041   View-pdf_yellow
Sync_timing___driver_277-2673 Sync Timing & Driver PCB Item Number: 277-2673   View-pdf_yellow
77-3770 Monitor Sense Coil Item Number: 77-3770   View-pdf_yellow
277-3679 12 Position Terminal Block Item Number: 277-3679  
Ftl_stacked_logo Sync and Monitor SS-130 Item Number: 277-3644  
Fct-05126 DC Power Supply for 08 Board, FCT-05126 Item number: FCT-05126  
Fct-05191 Photocell Socket, DC Item number: FCT-05191  
277-4163 Sync Monitor Item Number: 277-4163   View-pdf_yellow
77-5066 Power Transformer Item Number: 77-5066   View-pdf_yellow
77-2928 Resistor Item Number: 77-2928   View-pdf_yellow
Dtk-4803cmx_plus Secondary Surge Arrestor Item number: DTK-4803CMX-PLUS   View-pdf_yellow
277-3324 Trigger Transformer Item Number: 277-3324   View-pdf_yellow
Lb Conduit LB E1-1", E2-3/4", E3-1-1/4", E4 -1-1/2"(Includes Gasket and Cover)   View-pdf_yellow
Tee Conduit Tee D1-1", D2-3/4", D3-1-1/4", D4 -1-1/2"(Includes Gasket and Cover)   View-pdf_yellow
Liquid_tight Liquid-Tite M1-3/4", M3-1/2"   View-pdf_yellow
Liquid_tight_connectors Liquid-Tite Connector M2-3/4", M4-1/2"   View-pdf_yellow
Expansion_fitting Expansion Fitting B1-1", B2-3/4", B3-1-1/4", B4 -1-1/2"(Includes Nipple)   View-pdf_yellow
Myer_hub_2 Meyers Hub R1-1", R2-3/4", R3-1-1/4", R4 -1-1/2"   View-pdf_yellow
Rigid_conduit Rigid Conduit P1-1", P2-3/4", P3-1-1/4", P4 -1-1/2"   View-pdf_yellow
Right_angle_clamp Angle Support Clamp W1-1", W2-3/4", W3-1-1/4", W4 -1-1/2"   View-pdf_yellow
Parakeet_clamp Parallel(Parakeet) Clamp 1/2" through 4"   View-pdf_yellow
Fct-06528 FCT-06528 Universal U-Bolt Bracket, H.D.G. with hardware Item number: FCT-06528  
Fct-06210 FCT-06210 Med Int Ice Shield, Mounting Kit, w/Two Universal Hardware Kits Item number: FCT-06210  
Fct-06203 FCT-06203 Marker Bracket HDG Item number: FCT-06203  
Fct-06206 FCT-06206 Universal Power Supply Mounting Bracket (2 Pieces) Item number: FCT-06206  
Fct-06205 FCT-06205 SS High Intensity Flash Head Bracket Item number: FCT-06205  
Ftl_stacked_logo FCT-06211 Marker Bracket Stainless Steel Item Number: FCT-06211  
Fct-06204 FCT-06204 HIW Flashhead Bracket, HDG, with Universal Mounting Hardware. Item number: FCT-06204  
Fct-06202 FCT-06202 SS Beacon Bracket Item number: FCT-06202  
Wire Wire, THHN, XHHW, Striped and Solid Shielded Cable, Armored Cable, SO Cords, Communication Cable   View-pdf_yellow
Capture SS U-Bolt Item Number: SSU-BOLT   View-pdf_yellow
Fct-06200 FCT-06200 H.D.G. Beacon Bracket Item number: FCT-06200  
Fct-08010 Small Junction Box- Cast Alum (8 x 6" x 4-3/4") Item Number: FCT-08010   View-pdf_yellow
Fct-08020 Medium Junction Box- Cast Alum (12" x 10" x 4") Item Number: FCT-08020   View-pdf_yellow
Fct-08030 Large Junction Box (16" x 10" x 5") Item Number: FCT-08030   View-pdf_yellow