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Front_page J spec LED systems with IR Varied Call For Price and Details View-pdf_yellow
D664r13001 L864 Gen5 Red LED Beacon w / IR Item Number: D664-R13-001   View-pdf_yellow
D664r13001 L864 Gen5 Red LED Beacon Item Number: D664-R13-001   View-pdf_yellow
Led_red_side_light LED Red Side Lights w / IR Item Number: RTO-CR07-001, -002, -004   View-pdf_yellow
Led_red_side_light LED Red Side Lights Item Number: RTO-1R07-001, -002, -004   View-pdf_yellow
D7503slm D7503SLM SLM PCB Asm,Med Int w AC RTO Item number: D7503SLM  
D7600rly D7600RLY Replacement Alarm Relay Board Item number: D7600RLY  
D7600rly D7700DRVL GEN 2 HI REPLACEMENT Item number: D7700DRVL  
D7700drvr D7700DRVR LED Driver Circuit Board For Power Supply Item number: D7700DRVR  
3_(1) L810 LED Obstruction Light Item Number: 860-1R01-001, -002; 860-1R02-001, -002   View-pdf_yellow
D7701drv D7701DRV GEN 2 HI REPLACEMENT Item number: D7701DRV  
Fct-01201 FCT-01201 Switch Interlock Item number: FCT-01201  
Fct-05187 FCT-05187 White Ferrites Open/Close Item number: FCT-05187  
9 Hazardous Condition Visual Signal Lights Item Number: Varies - Call for Part# !Class 1, Division 2!  
Fct-05104__fa165 Beacon Flasher Aux for 230V Item Number: FCT-05104 (FA165)  
Fct-05107 Red LED Alarm Control Module Item Number: FCT-05107 (FB120AL)  
Fct-05110 Universal Alarm Relay Item Number: FCT-05110 (SCR430T)  
Fct-05106__fb120a Beacon Lamp/Flasher Relay Item Number: FCT-05106 (FB120A)  
Fct-05117__fs-155-30t Master Flasher Item Number: FCT-05117 (FS155-30T)  
Fs155-30rf 120VAC Hot Tower Beacon Flasher Item Number: FS155-30RF  
Fct-05101__fa155 120VAC Aux Flasher For Line Loading Item Number: FCT-05101 (FA155)  
Fa155-2 Slave Flasher Normally Open Item Number: FA155-2  
Plm6405 Line Monitor Item Number: PLM6405  
Pcr-11 Photocell With Cast Housing Item Number: PCR-11  
Fct-05108 Photocell (No Housing) Item Number: FCT-05108 (PCR-10)  
2498001 Timing & Trigger Board Item Number: 2498001  
8288201 Trigger Transformer Item Number: 8288201  
23809b Burstchoke Item Number: 23809B  
6900541 Bleed Resistor Item Number: 6900541  
Img_4053 Burst Resistor Item Number: 6900531  
Img_4053 Burst Resistor Item Number: 6900533  
6900534 Burst Resistor Item Number: 6900534  
6900535 Burst Resistor Item Number: 6900535  
Img_4056 Capacitor Jumper Yellow Item Number: 1724602  
Img_4055 Capacitor Jumper Blue Item Number: 1724601  
8248002 High Voltage Rectifier Item Number: 8248002  
24580-8458001 High Voltage Rectifier Item Number: 8458001/24580  
24988-xx Timing & Trigger Item Number: 24988-XX  
2328801 24VDC Mode Relay Item Number: 2328801  
4850601 Burst Choke Item Number: 4850601  
8467901 Flashtube Clips Item Number: 8467901  
8175201 Flash Choke Item Number: 8175201  
8284801 205A Burst Choke Item Number: 8284801  
99 PEC 150 Item Number: 1855002  
6720401 70 uf Capacitor Item Number: 6720401  
8328802 Bleed Relay Item Number: 8328802  
8269901 11 POS. Terminal Block Item Number: 8269901  
8288101 Sense Coil Item Number: 8288101  
8384329 Flash Tube Item Number: 8384329  
8328906 6 Position Terminal Block Item Number: 8328906  
6902806 Bridge Rectifier Item Number: 6902806  
6386503 40 uf Capacitor Item Number: 6386503  
8386603 30 uf Capacitor Item Number: 8386603  
8812701 Flashtube for 312 Item Number: 8812701  
8205201 100 uf Capacitor Item Number: 8205201  
8283501 30 uf Capacitor Item Number: 8283501  
8283401 2 uf Capacitor Item Number: 8283401  
6577901 3 uf Tuning Capacitor Item Number: 6577901  
8671301 Short Flashtube Item Number: 8671301  
8466301 Long Flashtube Item Number: 8466301  
144 Seven Position Terminal Block Item Number: 8780001  
145 RC 101 Item Number: 1403411  
1403412 RC 102 Item Number: 1403412  
8250802 240 MOV Item Number: 8250802  
8250804 480 MOV Item Number: 8250804  
77-3257 Photo Cell Socket Item Number: 77-3257  
77-3593 SS-123 Cable Harness Item Number: 77-3593  
77-3669 Trigger Transformer SS-129 Item Number: 77-3669  
77-3678 Cable Harness 128/130 Item Number: 77-3678  
165 12 Position Terminal Block Item Number: 77-3679  
77-3770 Monitor Sense Coil Item Number: 77-3770  
77-3939 Diode PCB Item Number: 77-3939  
168 Power Transformer Item Number: 77-3970  
77-3990 Switch Interlock Assy Item Number: 77-3990  
170 Flashtube Clip Item Number: 77-4026  
77-4040 Trigger Transformer Item Number: 77-4040  
77-4123 Trigger Control PCB Item Number: 77-4123  
174 Power Transformer Item Number: 77-4137  
77-4163 Sync Monitor PCB Item Number: 77-4163  
176 Trigger Relay Item Number: 77-4192  
77-4209 Flashtube Item Number: 77-4209  
178 Power Transformer Item Number: 77-5002  
77-5066 Power Transformer Item Number: 77-5066  
277-2536 Digital Monitor 1-8 Item Number: 277-2536  
277-2537 Digital Monitor 9-16 Item Number: 277-2537  
277-2538 Digital Monitor 17-24 Item Number: 277-2538  
184 Trigger Transformer Item Number: 277-2961LP  
186 Sync and Monitor SS-130 Item Number: 277-3644  
277-3667 Resistor Assy Item Number: 277-3667  
188 High Voltage Rectifier Item Number: 277-3937  
189 Mother Board Item Number: 277-3967  
190 FG3000 Cable and Harness Item Number: 277-3968  
277-4116 Sync Monitor PCB Item Number: 277-4116  
192 High Voltage PCB Item Number: 277-4131  
277-4151 Modified Relay FG2004 Item Number: 277-4151  
277-4163 Sync Monitor Item Number: 277-4163  
277-4195 Module Red OB Light Control Item Number: 277-4195  
277-4208 Motherboard Item Number: 277-4208  
198 Sync Monitor Catanary Item Number: 277-4254  
277-5014 Trigger Board Item Number: 277-5014  
277-5016 Mother Board Item Number: 277-5016  
202 Fault Monitor PCB Item Number: 277-3975  
277-4163cat Sync PCB Catenary Item Number: 277-4163CAT  
277-3263 Monitor PCB Item Number: 277-3263  
77-2013 Relay 120VAC Item Number: 77-2013  
277-3264 SS-125 Motherboard Item Number: 277-3264  
77-2878 Relay Item Number: 77-2878   View-pdf_yellow
277-3324 Trigger Transformer Item Number: 277-3324  
77-3258 Photocell, Twilight Item Number: 77-3258  
Fct-05937 Photocell, Night Item Number: 277-3259  
277-2605 Timing Trigger PCB Item Number: 277-2605  
277-3261 HV PCB Item Number: 277-3261  
215 Sync Timing & Driver PCB Item Number: 277-2673  
277-3262 Timing & Trigger PCB Item Number: 277-3262  
277-4169 Timing & Trigger PCB Item Number: 277-4169  
277-5053-001 SG-60 Motherboard Item Number: 277-5053-001  
277-3342 Diode Block Assy. Item Number: 277-3342  
277-3546 Resistor Pack Assy. Item Number: 277-3546  
277-2961 Trigger Transformer Item Number: 277-2961  
277-3295s Flashtube Item Number: 277-3295S  
224 Flashtube Clip Item Number: 277-2292  
225 12 Position Terminal Block Item Number: 277-3679  
277-3355 SS-125 Wire Harness Item Number: 277-3355  
277-2223 Relay Plug Item Number: 277-2223  
77-2797 100uf Capacitor Item Number: 77-2797  
277-3909 Flashtube Clip Assy. Item Number: 277-3909  
277-3041 Relay Item Number: 277-3041  
277-4130 Flashtube Socket Assy Item Number: 277-4130  
33e00010-001 Timing & Trigger PCB Item Number: 33E00010-001  
277-4123 Trigger PCB Item Number: 277-4123  
10e00371-0001 Rotary Switch Item Number: 10E00371-0001  
77-2929 Resistor Item Number: 77-2929  
77-2928 Resistor Item Number: 77-2928  
77-2927 Resistor Item Number: 77-2927  
277-2608 PC Motherboard Item Number: 277-2608  
Fmm FLUKE 117 Multimeter  
Fluke FLUKE High Voltage Probe  
19 FRB Bracket Item Number: FRB-BKT  
20 Marker Bracket Item Number: MKR-BKT  
25 Flat Bracket Item Number: FLT-BKT  
26 SS U-Bolt Item Number: SSU-BOLT  
Fct-05111__scr490-d__ Light Alarm Relay Item Number: FCT-05111 (SCR490D)  
Fct-05112___ecs40bc LED Beacon/Marker Alarm Module Item Number: FCT-05112 (ECS40BC)  
Fct-05114 Time Delay Relay 12VDC Item Number: FCT-05114  
Fct-05115 Time Delay Relay 9VDC Item Number: FCT-05115  
Fct-05118 230VAC Time Delay Relay Item number: FCT-05118  
Fct-05120__80k9295__ Solid State Relay Item number: FCT-05120 (80K9295)  
Fct-05127 Mode & Power Relay Item number: FCT-05127  
Fct-05129 240VAC Mode/Power Relay Item number: FCT-05129  
Fct-05130 Master Flasher 240VAC Item number: FCT-05130  
Fct-05131 230VAC Beacon/Marker Monitor Item number: FCT-05131  
Fct-05182 3 Way Switch Item number: FCT-05182  
Fct-05411 Relay Fail Indicator for 48VDC Systems Item number: FCT-05411  
Fct-05935_sc3120a_ LED Lamp Alarm Relay Item number: FCT-05935 (SC3120A)  
Fct-05936 RTO Transfer Relay Item number: FCT-05936  
Fct-06158 Bullet 3 Antenna Item number: FCT-06158  
Fsu-1003 Universal time Delay Flasher Relay Item number: FSU-1003  
Fct-05132 240VAC Photocell Twistlock Item number: FCT-05132  
Fct-05190 Photocell 48VDC Beacon System Item number: FCT-05190  
Fct-05191 Photocell Socket, DC Item number: FCT-05191  
Fct-05196 Photo Control 240VAC FAA Item number: FCT-05196  
Fct-05937 12 VDC Photocell Item number: FCT-05937  
Fct-05938 24 VDC Photocell, FAA standards Item number: FCT-05938  
77-1193 Photocell Item Number: 77-1193  
77-3295s Flashlamp Assembly Item number: 77-3295S  
277-2123 Flashtube for SS-123 Item number: 277-2123  
803-0419-b FH8300/8400 Flashtube Item number: 803-0419-B  
A21 116W Marker Bulb Item number: A21  
D50-4803d 4803D VAC Surge Protector Item number: D50-4803D  
Dtk-600-3cm 600V Surge Arrestor Item number: DTK-600-3CM  
Dtk2mhlp24bwb Surge Protector Item number: DTK-2MHLP24-BWB  
Dtk-4803cmx_plus Secondary Surge Arrestor Item number: DTK-4803CMX-PLUS  
Ps40 620W Beacon Lamp Item number: PS40  
Stlflshb7 TWR Night Mode Flashtube Item number: STFLSHTB7(FSTFLSHTB7)   View-pdf_yellow
Xlcb4s200 Med Base Socket Item number: XLCB4S200  
Xlfc5s300 620 Watt Mogul Pre-Focus Lamp Socket Item number: XLFC5S300  
Liquid_tight Liquid-Tite M1-3/4", M3-1/2"  
8605000 8605000 Replacement Flat Junction Housing Item number: 8605000  
1500856002501 High Intensity Strobe Item number: 1500856002501  
1500856004100 AOL Interface Kit Harness Item number: 1500856004100  
1500856004400 AOL/Red Interface Item number: 1500856004400  
D1cw0084r D1CW0084R 1 Level Red Driver w/IR Item number: D1CW0084R  
D1rw0084cp D1RW0084CP CAPACITOR PCB Item number: D1RW0084CP  
D1rw0084fm D1RW0084FM--- Control Module for D1RW-C13-008 Item number: D1RW0084FM  
D1rw0084fmcat D1RW0084FMCAT Control Module for D1RW-C13-008 CATENARY Item number: D1RW0084FMCAT  
D1rw0084r D1RW0084R 1 Level Red Driver Item number: D1RW0084R  
D1rw0084w D1RW0084W White Driver Board for -X09 Item number: D1RW0084W  
D1rw0084wa D1RW0084WA--- 1 Level White Driver Board for D1RW Item number: D1RW0084WA  
D1rw0084wcat D1RW0084WCAT Catenary White Driver Item number: D1RW0084WCAT  
D1rw9005ra D1RW9005RA- 120-277VAC to 48VAC Power Supply Converter for D1RW's Right Angle Bracket Item number: D1RW9005RA  
D1rw9013ra D1RW9013RA Power Supply Board Item number: D1RW9013RA  
D1rwcvt08 D1RWCVT08 8 to 4 Wire Converter Item number: D1RWCVT08  
D256-6000pec D256-6000PEC Day/Twilight/Night Photocell 3/4NPT CAST ENCLO Item number: D256-6000PEC  
D2669006ra D2669006RA Duel 4C Avian Item number: D2669006RA  
D7100mic D7100MIC GEN 2 Replacement Micro-Controller Assembly for Power Supplies Item number: D7100MIC  
D7202sur D7202SUR AC Filter/Surge Board Item number: D7202SUR  
D7203sur D7203SUR REP Surge Protect, FH/PS, 4C Item number: D7203SUR  
D7206sur D7206SUR REP Surge Protect, RS485 Item number: D7206SUR  
D7300asy D7300ASY Replacement Translator/Mic/Filter Assembly Item number: D7300ASY  
D7401lcd D7401LCD Main Controller w/LCD Item number: D7401LCD  
D7406lcd D7406LCD Gen2 HI REPLCMNT LCD, AC SLs Item number: D7406LCD  
D7500slm D7500SLM REP Side Light Monitor Asy Item number: D7500SLM  
D1rw0084fm 08 Control PCB Item Number: D1RW0084FM  
Lb Conduit LB E1-1", E2-3/4", E3-1-1/4", E4 -1-1/2"(Includes Gasket and Cover)  
D1rw0084r 08 Red Power Supply PCB Item Number: D1RW0084R  
Tee Conduit Tee D1-1", D2-3/4", D3-1-1/4", D4 -1-1/2"(Includes Gasket and Cover)  
Liquid_tight Liquid-Tite M1-3/4", M3-1/2"  
D1rw0084w 08 White Power Supply PCB Item Number: D1RW0084W  
Liquid_tight_connectors Liquid-Tite Connector M2-3/4", M4-1/2"  
D1rw0084cp 08 Capacitor Module PCB Item Number: D1RW0084CP  
Expansion_fitting Expansion Fitting B1-1", B2-3/4", B3-1-1/4", B4 -1-1/2"(Includes Nipple)  
Myer_hub_2 Meyers Hub R1-1", R2-3/4", R3-1-1/4", R4 -1-1/2"  
Rigid_conduit Rigid Conduit P1-1", P2-3/4", P3-1-1/4", P4 -1-1/2"  
Right_angle_clamp Angle Support Clamp W1-1", W2-3/4", W3-1-1/4", W4 -1-1/2"  
Parakeet_clamp Parallel(Parakeet) Clamp 1/2" through 4"  
Wire THHN Wire THHN #8, #10, #12, #14 (Striped and Solid)  
Wire XHHW Wire XHHW #8, #10, #12, #14 (Striped and Solid)  
Fct-06528 FCT-06528 Universal U-Bolt Bracket, H.D.G. with hardware Item number: FCT-06528  
Fct-06210 FCT-06210 Med Int Ice Shield, Mounting Kit, w/Two Universal Hardware Kits Item number: FCT-06210  
Fct-06206 FCT-06206 Universal Power Supply Mounting Bracket (2 Pieces) Item number: FCT-06206  
Fct-06205 FCT-06205 SS High Intensity Flash Head Bracket Item number: FCT-06205  
Fct-06204 FCT-06204 HIW Flashhead Bracket, HDG, with Universal Mounting Hardware. Item number: FCT-06204  
Fct-06202 FCT-06202 SS Beacon Bracket Item number: FCT-06202  
Fct-06200 FCT-06200 H.D.G. Beacon Bracket Item number: FCT-06200  
Fct-08010 Small Junction Box- Cast Alum (8 x 6" x 4-3/4") Item Number: FCT-08010  
Fct-08020 Medium Junction Box- Cast Alum (12" x 10" x 4") Item Number: FCT-08020  
Fct-08030 Large Junction Box (16" x 10" x 5") Item Number: FCT-08030